Frequently Asked Questions

When does the school day begin?
School begins at 8:00a.m. The tardy bell rings at 8:15a.m.

When does the school day end?
School ends at 2:00 for the K-3; 2:20 for 4-8

Are students allowed to have cell phones at school?
Yes. According to new state laws, students may have cell phones, however, they CANNOT disrupt class.  Cell phones must be turned off during class or staff or teacher can confiscate them.

Does this school offer field trips?
Yes, La Tijera offers field trips from IUSD approved field trip list. Students are only able to go with a signed permission slip from his/her parent or guardian.

What is the school uniform policy?
See Dress Code

What is the cost of lunch?
Lunch is free for all students.

Is La Tijera a year-round school?
No. La Tijera is on the traditional school calendar that begins September 2, 2003 and ends Thursday June 17, 2004.

Does this school acknowledge Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King’s birthdays? 
Yes, both birthdays are local holidays; there will be no school. Martin Luther King’s birthday will be celebrated January 19, 2004 and Cesar Chavez’ birthday will be celebrated on March 29, 2004.

When are progress reports issued?
Progress reports are issued every 5-6 weeks between report cards. 

What sports does La Tijera participate in?
The athletic program for the 7th & 8th students is held after school. Practices are held from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. Boy’s sports include: flag football, basketball and soccer.

Girls are welcome to participate in all athletic programs. There are basketball and cheerleading that are exclusively for girls. Candidates for athletics and cheerleading must maintain a “C” average and have satisfactory citizenship.